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As new technologies emerge and evolve and the pace of business transformation accelerates year over year, we see the need of digital media as the marketing strategy and innovation in events. Started by a creative team of dedicated professionals, our knowledge and experience allow us to offer event management as well as design solutions, production and digital media for corporate events, conferences and launch events that are visually impactful and unique.


Creativity Challengers

Our creative designers create all forms of ideas for corporate logo and brand identity as well as marketing materials, brochures and all relevant collaterals to support event needs.


Ideas Machine

Constantly making crazy ideas happen, our creative producers are fans of all forms of creativity that are aspire to interact, create and blast out creative scenes in Singapore.


Creating Connections

Prioritising your objectives and causes, Andivia is the bridge between you and your audience, providing a creative platform for all kinds of connections to take place.


LIVE Visuals

We bring ideas to life. Motion graphics, video productions and digital designs are the trends to win the hearts and minds of the audience in a higher dimension with depth, motion and impact.

Media Productions

Multimedia content for your event is essential. Your brand, your message and your audience expects communication to be targeted, relevant and impressive. To us, digital media needs to be engaging, sprinkled with specks of creativity, wit and originality. In the digital era, the expectations of technology is high.

One of Andivia’s specialties is the in-house media production team specialising in pre and during event video and audio production, as well as SLVs (Sound, Light, Video) support for onsite services. Services provided includes pre-event video and audio production, such as presentation slides, video and audio editing, 2d/3d animations and projection mapping, onsite SLVs support to make sure all audio equipment, lightings and the synchronisation of all the above mentioned run smooth, which is pertinent to the overall ambience of the event. Though seemingly a separate entity, video and audio support, as well as onsite SLVs, can make or break an event as it affects the immersive and experiential levels the audience might experience.


If you don’t want your events dull, and wish to make it more fun and engaging for your guests, Andivia has solutions for you. Providing all kinds of entertainment services, our entertainment team can take care of the planning and coordinating of entertainment services that are interactive and relevant for your events. Be it a fitting emcee to host your event, or a magician to enchant a party, or even performers for live music and laser shows to WOW your guests, Andivia has got everything you’ll need.

If you have any enquiries regarding our entertainment services, kindly complete the enquiry form and select your desired entertainers from our list below, or drop us an email and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

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