Design & Production

Our Design and Production division specialises in creating all genres of design consisting, but not limited to: stage & booth design, as well as different forms of digital production. The team at Andivia possesses a level of expertise and adeptness that ensures the organization of plain sailing and efficacious events. Regardless of the request, Andivia stops at nothing to present the best design and production for you.

Stage Design

The design and set-up of a stage can bring attention and focus on the speaker or performer. Stage design involves the process of planning and constructing a viable setting for events and performances, with the intention of enthralling the audience.

At Andivia, we aim to create stage designs that encapsulate the theme and purpose of events by means of intricate detailing, and simple yet extraordinary set-ups.

Booth Design

The outlook and design of a booth are essential to attracting the attention of audiences. Thorough blueprinting can make a display stand out and strongly portray your business and product.

With the expertise of our team, Andivia is able to create an eye-catching and outstanding booth display that can help communicate your brand and purpose.

2D & 3D Design

Using visual content to capture the attention and interest of consumers is becoming more common among large corporate companies. 2D & 3D designing of products and models provide greater appeal and constructs a more prominent outlook for consumers. With the help of Andivia, expect intricate and elaborate designs to represent your brand and product.