Events Management

As new technologies emerge and evolve and the pace of business transformation accelerates year over year, we see the need for digital media as the marketing strategy and innovation in events. Started by a creative team of dedicated professionals, our knowledge and experience allow us to offer event management as well as design solutions, production and digital media for corporate events, conferences and launch events that are visually impactful and unique. Be it a formal or less formal event, Andivia will find the best solutions and event management strategies most fitting to your event. We will make your event run smoothly and efficiently with the application of project management which involves studying the brand, identifying its target audience, devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects in mastering the different scales of events.

Launch Activation

Be it a new business or product, launch events are essential to advertise a company’s brand and identity. Launch events are formal events aimed to create consumer awareness and a good reputation for the company.

Andivia guarantees a smooth-sailing and sophisticated event for you and your guests, given the expertise and prowess our events team is equipped with.


Part of the corporate events umbrella, business conferences and seminars may seem straightforward. At Andivia, we are a team of highly skilled and efficient event specialists and are trained to spot the most minute details of an event.

Though program rundowns of conferences and seminars are usually consistent, detailed planning and smoothing over the minuscule details are critical to ensuring the overall success of the project.

Some of the key logistic details are efficacy in registrations, careful audio and visual setups, some creativity and appropriateness in the setup of food & beverages zone. We ensure to host an impressive and smooth-running conference.


New businesses and projects can be made more exciting by gathering support from the community. Exciting and engaging, groundbreaking events inform key stakeholders on the focus of the new businesses and projects.

Despite the short timing, Andivia provides relevant ideas to get people talking about the changes coming to an organization. Andivia also provides plenty of groundbreaking ideas that make your event fun and interesting.

At Andivia, our events team guarantees a successful and memorable groundbreaking event for your company!

Dinner & Dance

Dinner and Dance events are festive and joyous events to gather everyone in an organization and celebrate the end of an eventful year. Known to be casual and relaxed, Dinner and Dance events are a time for companies to relish in an evening of mouth-watering delicacies as well as the occasional singing and dancing.

Here at Andivia, we make every effort to fulfil your requests in organising the most impressive and spectacular Dinner and Dance.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony signifies the opening of the company and marks a significant milestone of the business.

Our events team from Andivia is able to provide and manage the tradition rituals such as lion dance performance and ribbon cutting by the Guest of honour and VIPs. We also provide creative ideas such as opening launch, entertainments, design & decorating the venue with a concoction of food & beverages for the guests to network.

Leveraging on our expertise, the invited stakeholders and special guests can anticipate a grand and lavishing ceremony filled with celebrations.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor events are trending in the global event scene. From private beach parties to carnivals to mega concerts and music festivals, the audience are beginning to embrace having fun outdoors. The idea of hosting corporate events and gala dinners under the sun is starting to gain the attention of large companies and businesses as well, in hopes of creating new experiences for their team or guests.

Furthermore, an outdoor setting for an event creates a plethora of options for entertainment and creative activities to take place compared to a rigid indoor venue as the open-air rule out certain limitations, food & beverages option can be explored to incorporate even more creative and experiential serving style. Outdoor events give way to more intricate and impressive stage designs and setups for expressing the purpose of the event.

With the right strategies and expertise, Andivia ensures that partnering with us to host an event outdoors makes events more experiential and memorable.

Meeting & Networking

Meetings & Network events are formal events that serve the purpose of establishing business relationships with potential clients and partners. Participants are able to introduce themselves and publicise their businesses or products at these elaborate and ornate events.

Meticulous and fastidious, our team at Andivia guarantees that collaborating with us provides our clients with a smooth-sailing and unforgettable experience.


A part of celebratory events, anniversaries are luxurious and extravagant events aimed to commemorate a special date. Formal yet light-hearted, anniversaries allow companies to communicate their past accomplishments and highlight the milestones made.

Adept and efficient, Andivia will organise an indelible anniversary event that provides a lively atmosphere for your team and guests.